Things That Everyone Should Know About Home Schooling: Pros and Cons

The number of families opting for home schooling is rising each year. With a growth rate starting at 7% and even greater, it is easy to understand why more and more parents are starting to think of it as a viable option for their child’s education. If you are one of those looking at the possibility of home schooling for your kids then let me help you out.I have created a list here of the pros and cons of home schooling. An educational system such as that would always have two sides to it. It is bound to have a downside as well as a positive side.Pros- You must be aware of the possibilities for this before you jump into it. So here we take a look at the pros first.• One of the biggest pros that can be provided by home schooling is the fact that students under it have a whole lot more freedom when it comes to choosing what to study. Since their parents or guardians are the ones determining the curriculum, then they can have some influence regarding that. That does not mean that they would not be studying the basics, though.• Another huge advantage of this is the physical freedom that it provides. While it is still advisable to set a specific time for study each day, moving it for some other activity would be a lot less hassle. Compare that with regular one where the student would have to choose between going absent at school and foregoing the family activity.• We all know that schools are not as cheerful as we want them to be and though we might belittle the problems that kids face there, it is pretty serious to them. Peer pressure, adolescence, and bullying are just some of the stuff that they have to face while at school. It will gives them a choice.• Many families opt for home schooling because of religious freedom. To some people that might be a reason to badmouth, but for religious families it’s a real blessing.• One direct result is that can not be denied is that it binds the family closer together. It enhances the parent-child relationship and takes it to a whole new different level.• Children can get plenty of rest when they go for this. This is something that they do not get when they go for regular schools where they might have to wake up very early in the morning.Cons- As we have mentioned there is also a negative side to home schooling and here are some of those:• Perhaps the biggest drawback of this is that it will require a lot from the parents and the guardians. It will eat up a lot of their time and it is going to be a huge responsibility.• Another drawback of this is that it is going to cost a lot more. Families with average incomes might find it hard to cope with it.• Then there is the danger of being perceived as an oddity. Parents who home school their child should be careful that their child should not get this feeling.

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